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Devotees Experiences

Every movement, devotee experiences the love of Aumaujaya. We have listed the experiences of a few of the devotees.

With the grace of MahaGURU, I have grown financially comfortable.

Aumaujayaa: I am   Kandula Narsaiya RTC, working as a bus conductor. I have a lot of anger with every little thing I get very angry if someone speaks against me I can’t control my anger and get into a fight with them I entered dharma on 14th Feb 2010 Aumaujayaa:

With the grace of MahaGURU, I got M.S. seat.

Aumaujayaa: My name is Prashanthi. Ours is Kaikaluru. Jaimahavibhoshri: I saw them for the first time in a satsang held in my village. I can tell you that life is different before meeting Guru and life is different after meeting Guru. Before meeting Guru, my life was restless, searching, and

When I prayed Jaimahavibhoshri, the borrower gave himself away.

Aumaujayaa, My name is K. Sai Kumar. I studied degree. I am working in a private company. I came to know about Guru through my friend. In April 2012 I participated in Satsang on Thursday. That day I saw Guru and made a resolution. That is, my father gave someone

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