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Devotees Experiences

Every movement, devotee experiences the love of Aumaujaya. We have listed the experiences of a few of the devotees.

What words a father speaks to a child Jaimahavibhosri: teaches

Aumaujayaa: My name is Sabita. I studied B.Sc. I met Jaimahavibhoshri for the first time in April 2011 through a personal appointment. My elder brother Sai introduced me to Guru. In December 2010, my health got very bad. I showed myself to the hospital and they did many tests but

Universal Jaimahavibhoshri: He is in everything and everywhere.

Aumaujayaa: My name is Dhumpeti Ravinder Nirmal resident my dear friend Aumaujayaa: Srimaha Pranavasadhan who is a devotee met me in the year 2007 to achieve spiritual and physical success i.e. self-knowledge, jivanmukti i.e. through the grace of the true Guru that is possible only through the grace of the

There are some changes in me. Everyone in our family

Aumaujayaa, My name is P. Indira. I have been coming to satsangs for a year. These satsangs are very good. I will definitely participate in every Satsang. The experience I got in these satsangs was amazing. Jaimahavibhoshri: By the end of Satsang for two days at Vari Maredumilli, he had

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