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Devotees Experiences

Every movement, devotee experiences the love of Aumaujaya. We have listed the experiences of a few of the devotees.

My children are blessed by the grace of Sadhguru

Aumaujayaa!  My name is B. Srinivas, my name in Dharma is Srimaha Himabera. I am working in the Nirmal Electricity office. I got married in 2002. After marriage, I did not have a child for 7 years. I visited many hospitals but there was no result. One day on the

My body was balanced by Mahavibhoshree’s suggestions.

Aumaujayaa! My name is Sunita. My husband’s name is Srivaru Balaswamy Garu. We live in Hyderabad. Two months after our marriage, we came to know about Guruji’s Ashram through my younger brother Sainath Chari. At that time my health condition was not good. I was very weak. Though I am

Jaimahavibhoshri is in everything and everywhere.

Aumaujayaa! My name is Dhumpeti Ravinder,  working as an RTC conductor. I live in  Nirmal. My dear friend, Aumaujayaa Srimaha Pranavasadhan, who is a devotee met me in the year 2007 to achieve spiritual and physical success (i.e. self-knowledge, jivanmukti  )through the grace of true Sadhguru. That is possible only

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