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Devotees Experiences

Every movement, devotee experiences the love of Aumaujaya. We have listed the experiences of a few of the devotees.

All personality development classes in the world are equal to

Aumaujayaa: My name is Pratyusha Madi Khammam. I have completed B.Tech. I am Jaimahavibhoshri: I have been coming to them since February 2011. I first met Jaimahavibhoshri through a personal appointment. Guruji was introduced to me through devotee Aravind. I had thyroid problem. Jaimahavibhoshri: He gave a mudra and asked

“Your Guru Jaimahavibhoshri”, said Shirdi Sai in my dream.

Jai Aumaujayaa: My name is Aruna. I live in Saket, Hyderabad. Jaimahavibhoshri to me: Their first darshan was on December 3, 2011. Before that, I used to worship Shirdisai and one day I sat in front of Saibaba’s photo and asked, “I want a Sadguru”. Two days after that, Jaimahavibhoshri:

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