About Jaimahavibhoshri

His Holiness Jaimahavibhoshri was born on 3rd December in Telangana, India. We call him out of love as Mahavibhoshri ( The Great Beloved Master ). Mahavibhoshri was born an enlightened one and is the ultimate peak of supreme consciousness in beyondness to beyondness. There is no other beyondness to his experience of wisdom.  

Man is the greatest miracle in the universe

Master says that man is the greatest miracle in the universe. The very purpose of human birth is to become a light unto himself and to the universe. But today we have forgotten completely the original nature. We are living an incomplete life. We are living only one side of life i.e. materialistic life. We never try to know, why we have come to this earth, where we go after death. Simply a forgotten life we are living. We have forgotten the essence and fragrance of human life. Mas has completely engaged in the activities of the mundane world. He never tries to think about my story of human life.

Man is already Enlightened

The true life is spiritual life, which is ignored totally. Master says Man is already Enlightened which means all human beings are enlightened. Still, the unfortunate thing is we have forgotten our original selves totally and we are living a pseudo-life.

Soul is Unique

The soul of man is unique. We cannot find similar souls and persons hence the path of an individual’s inner journey is different from others and is unique. Only a living enlightened master can create a path for all individuals as per their nature. This is why the initiation is essential for all individuals to be a master unto themselves. Initiation is the rebirth of oneself to know the way to attain themselves.

Synthesis between the materialism

Jaimahavibhoshri says I am trying to create a synthesis between materialism and spiritualism. I want to create a new man and complete man, who belongs to the religion of ecstasy, and I long to see this whole earth with enlightened individuals. That is why I am inviting you all to share my supreme love and wisdom and supreme light and the Buddhahood.

Jaimahavibhoshri’s Message

My message is straightforward. Just live life here and now as intensively as possible, celebrating the existence from moment to moment to realize the Buddha-hood everywhere. Welcome into the womb of love and fragrance, for the first time in its existence.

Invite Spiritual Seekers

The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment invites seekers who want to attain Buddhahood and prepare the land of Buddhas by spreading the message of Jaimahavibhoshri all over the globe.
We are with the Slogan One Man One Globe