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Aumaujayaa Trust formation Day & Holi Celebration @ Mumbai



 The Event started With Aumaujayaa  Meditation and Prayer to get the DIVINE BLESSINGS Of our BELOVED MASTER JAIMAHAVIBHOSHRI . 

Later began with all the Bhakthomaujaya's coming joyously to the ashram and took up kitchen work; from washing vessels to cleaning & cutting vegetables and spices in a bid of their enthusiasm of Annadanam(Food Distribution) which was earmarked for the special day.

Social Services organized by the trust was followed by all Bhaktomaujaya's  visit to  an Old Age Home to distribute fruits to nearly 33 inmates. Most of them  were Bedridden, mentally impaired etc  they all were happy to see our devotees who have spent quality time and could bring joy and happiness on there faces.

Later Food Distribution to 180+ people were served to poor children, workers and elderly people which certainly quenched their hunger and  enjoyed the Delicious meal which was served by the Trust. and some even managed to pack it home. 

All the bhaktomaujayas who made this Event a Grand Success Rejoiced and Celebrated  heart fully for getting the opportunity to serve the people on the auspicious day.They have shown their gratitude and respects towards Aumaujayaa. 

AON ,Mumbai has even more Plans to serve the needy and  society by organizing various social welfare activities ahead  at various places with the help of the bhaktomaujayas and support from society.. 

Thanks you Everyone for making this occasion joy full and the trust look forward for your continuous support ..Aumaujayaa Blessings and Good Wishes to all. .