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Aadhiparabrahma Sadguru Jaimahavibhoshri


Many people ask me that what the proof of trust is. To get the trust what are the evidence? I say that anything which gives strength to the good within you is trust and it is the God. God may come in any form, he may come as the rain from the clouds or as a light from the sun, he may come as the moonlight from full moon day or food from the fields, he may come in the form of water from well or the wellness in the form of weather. Whatever strengthens the good, or whatever makes you win, whatever settles the good, which makes you experience the good. The one which is giving the life which you desire makes available for you. Remember that If you get something good then it’s the message of God, and the one who helps you in getting the good is the messenger of God. The one who does well is called God. Whoever he may be, he is the messenger of God. If someone come and tells you good news then he is none other than a messenger of God.


If someone comes to your house and does the best for you then he is none other than God. And the one who do good for you in return deserving nothing from you, who devotes his time, efforts, money for you, and who sacrifices for you, the one who let himself down to raise you up is none other than God for your life, there is no doubt about it. He is called God. God does not come from anywhere else, he lives in the human being only. God expresses in the form of human being. He will come through any person with whom some good is about to happen. He will brighten your life through the person with whom your life brightens. Never accept that there is no God. And never forget that there is God, he is here and now. Your trust will be the strength if you live with these 2 philosophies.


Make a strong will and see, be strong enough and see, be stable enough and see, don’t lose your devotion and see, God will knock your door. The Vedas says that God will come definitely for you and he will accept you. He will carry you on his shoulders and takes to his world. But now people are saying that be devotional enough, God will come to you. Where are you going to find his address? Where ever you find the good is the address of God. Then the question comes that what is bad and where it exists? I say that the bad exists where you forget God. We should not be there in the forgetfulness of God, we should be there in the memory of the God. If we understand correctly, being in the memory of God is called the heaven and being the forgetfulness of God is called the hell. If you can understand this then you can come out of the wheel of Samsara.


Remember, anything in the absence of God is called Samsara and anything in the presence of God is called yogam.