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Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses Aumaujaya


Destroy your weaknesses then and there. Try to enhance your strengths always then and there. If anyone tries to install impurity or pollution in you, then don’t allow them. Don’t welcome the poisonous thoughts, beliefs, opinions, business angles, political activities and abusing. If someone tells something wrong, you should strongly condemn it. We are habituated to ignore it from ages. We have become too honest. Let me tell you how much honest we became.


One day Mullah went to the park with his girlfriend. Both sat in the park and started chit chatting. After a half-an-hour, one person came and stood just at a distance. Maybe for his girlfriend. They were continuously discussing for almost six to seven hours. It is common to lovers because time becomes too short. When love increases then the time become short, it is common. After spending eight hours, Mullah said to his girlfriend that, if you don’t mind I will say something. Then she asked what happened? Mullah replied that “nothing that person is waiting for eight hours for his girlfriend to come”. You just go as his girlfriend for ten minutes. He will get some satisfaction and happiness and goes to his home peacefully. Otherwise, he would stand here only even after we go. Anyways, time has elapsed, and she will not come. His desire is not vanishing. You just go and act like his girlfriend. She just glanced at him and told, are you really a gentleman? He replied that  I am not a gentleman, but I am a nice gentleman. As a lover, I have understood the troubles of other lovers. He will not get sleep tonight he will not eat and drink properly. He will stare at the stars from the window by still eyes. If you could just go for ten minutes and gossip, it would be fine. You all might be thinking that she will go and act as his lover, do any self-esteemed women accept this kind of proposal? Never. You know what she said to him, it is not me going like this, if you go like this for even a second, I will set you right perfectly.


If you see, our honest is to this extent. Try to understand this.