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Aumaujaya 161116


I may leave anything but not you. I may forget anything but not you. I will not leave you, even if I leave myself. I will not leave you, even if you leave me.

Radha used to say to Krishan out of ecstasy of Love.

I may forget anything, but I will never forget you. I may leave everything, but I will never leave you. Hey Krishan, I will be not there when I leave my body. I will forget you only when my mind is gone. Hey Krishna, when I am no more in this world, you assume that my soul is not there. I will have a feeling that I am blessed whenever I totally become yours. I will learn two things when you examine me in any direction.

The vision of infinity ( Para Iksha ), Para means beyondness; Iksha means vision, it is philosophy; it is a way. Whatever takes me beyond myself; The way is which takes me beyond this illusion. The way which leads me towards you..... That is the test.

The examinations, which you talk about are different. The assessments which you put on yourself and articulate are different.

You will put all the tests on yourself and huff saying that the God keeps them. I am not talking about those tests.

There are only two tests which God will put.

1) Birth and

2) Death

All the tests which encounter in the middle way are yours. If you ponder it, you will understand. You give the name; you are the one who cuts the umbilical cord. You are the one who wears clothes, who feeds and drinks. You are the one who teaches, habits, qualities, behaviour. You are the one who teaches the language and educates. You are the one who teaches moralities. You are the one who explains and introduces the society and shows the social lifestyle. You are the one who presents the maternal and paternal relatives. You are the one who introduces the neighbours and friends. Moreover, if you see, you say that the God has scripted your life as he has no other business. You feel that you have a destiny and on the top of it there is karma; you assume that you are liable for this karma and have to bare all the circumstances. You feel that you have to erase all your sins. We have learned to blame the God always.

You should remember that you are the writer, director and guide of your life. There is no one else. God is not doing anything. God has just given the birth and the death; he has given the time. There are only two tests, taking birth and dying. Taking birth is to live beyond the birth; taking birth is to win the death.

In a nutshell

"We are taking birth to skip this life and death cycle and getting the treasure of nectar."