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Devotees Experiences

Every movement, devotee experiences the love of Aumaujaya. We have listed the experiences of a few of the devotees.

There are some changes in me. Everyone in our family

Aumaujayaa, My name is P. Indira. I have been coming to Satsangs for a year. These are very knowledgeable. I attend to every Satsang. The experiences I had in these Satsangs were amazing. By the end of Satsang (for two days at Maredumilli), I had a complete understanding of “Kundalini

The problem of insomnia which had been bothering me for

Aumaujayaa! My name is Premalatha. My hometown is Nirmal.  The date of Jivatamrita Deeksha is 16.02.2009. My Dharma name is Mahashri Anugrahadasa. I am working in a private English medium school. I used to suffer from many health problems, mainly insomnia, before taking Jivatamrita Diksha, but after taking the Diksha

Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri guides us to our destiny

Aumaujayaa! My name is Damerla Mohan Reddy, and I live in Bodh. I am known as Shrimaha Jayasuryateja in dharma. We need Sadhguru to gain life, to unite the soul in the Supreme Soul, to incarnate itself as the Supreme Soul, and to attain  Moksha(enlightenment). While  I was in search

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